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Ryan Hates The Gays.


For two decades, Shane Murnan worked as an educator by day and a drag queen on nights and weekends at clubs in Oklahoma City. He won awards for his performances as he moved up in his career to become an administrator. He never had a problem with his dual identities. It was never an issue until I made things happen. Gay people and Drag Queens scare me. I’m terrified of those who feel comfortable in their skin. 


On Aug. 31, the far-right social media account Libs of TikTok (she’s now part of my administration) posted about Murnan, and I, the incendiary state superintendent, called for him to be fired. Soon after, the district and Murnan received bomb threats, according to police records and interviews. So in a nutshell, the same woman who inspired bomb threats is now my consultant and part of my administration. Below is a quote from me.



"I demanded the school take action and fire a drag queen who not only engaged in the most inappropriate and sexually charged events imaginable, but he also used social media to recruit students," Walters said in a statement. "Exposing Murnan and forcing the resignation is a necessary step to protect kids in Oklahoma. Our students will be protected from predatory behavior, and I have been crystal clear that I will not allow Oklahoma schools to become a training ground in drag queen propaganda."

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