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My Wife


Let me start by saying, I didn't cheat on you. But if I did, hypothetically of course, here's how I would apologize...

You see, I was minding my own business when my eyes, those two rogue operatives, went completely off the rails and started acting on their own. Unfortunately, one of the many I've cheated on you with was a co-worker, another teacher.

And when people remind us, "So after your wife found out, you packed up and resigned from your position." I won't tell them that it was because you wanted to get me away from the many other women, I'll tell them it was because god said I should. They can't argue with that. 

Now, I know what the readers are thinking..."We need receipts!" The receipts are coming. And as soon as the owner of this website finishes interviews and collecting witness statements, this website will be updated. But for now, just know that the person I am, is not the person my wife thinks I am.

Chat soon...

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