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A Message From Ryan

"The atmosphere of hostility against LGBTQ+ individuals in Oklahoma schools did not emerge in a vacuum. Chaya Raichik, known for her virulent anti-LGBTQ+ campaigns and described as a stochastic terrorist, has played a pivotal role in cultivating this climate. Me hiring her to the Oklahoma Department of Education’s Library Media Advisory Committee marks a concerning endorsement of divisive ideologies at the state level. Raichik's influence, particularly through her LibsOfTikTok X account, has been linked to multiple bomb threats against schools and a palpable increase in harassment towards LGBTQ+ students. But, whatevs, I'm here for the power.


The brutal beating and subsequent death of Nex Benedict at Owasso High School by three older students is a stark manifestation of the dangers posed by the culture that I have created. Benedict's murder followed a series of targeted harassment against the school for its support of LGBTQ+ rights, spotlighting the dire consequences of unchecked hate. The school district, previously targeted by Raichik for employing a pro-LGBTQ+ teacher, finds itself at the heart of a national debate on the safety of LGBTQ+ students.

In the end, I, Ryan Walters, only care about my conspiracy theories and keeping those who I don't understand, in danger. I hate what scares me."

Nex Benedict Should Be Alive

The connection between the violent actions of students and the rhetoric espoused by Oklahoma’s educational leaders cannot be ignored. Superintendent Ryan Walters, known for his anti-trans statements and policies, including prohibiting students from changing their gender on school records, has come under fire. Critics argue that such policies contribute to an environment where attacks against non-binary and transgender students are not only possible but inevitable.

The meeting between Raichik and Walters in September 2023, though claimed to be unrelated to the incident, has raised eyebrows. It underscores the intertwining of political and social rhetoric with the lived realities of students. The incident at Owasso High School exemplifies the tragic outcomes that can arise when intolerance is propagated by those in power. The question of accountability for the safety and well-being of LGBTQ+ students in schools has never been more pressing.

"Nex should still be alive. Nex deserved not only a safe and nurturing environment to learn, but an environment that actively disrupted anti-2STGNC+ rhetoric and worked to ensure that vulnerable students were safe. Owasso schools failed to create that environment for Nex. And we know that is the story for too many kids across Oklahoma. We want to be clear, whether Nex died as a direct result of injuries sustained in the brutal hate-motivated attack at school or not, Nex’s death is a result of being the target of physical and emotional harm because of who Nex was. This harm is absolutely related to the rhetoric and policies that are commonplace at the Oklahoma Legislature, the State Department of Education, and the Governor’s office, with regard to dehumanizing 2STGNC+ people." - FREEDOM OKLAHOMA

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