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About Me

"Let's not tie skin color to the reasons behind The Tulsa Race Massacre of 1921."

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My Story

Hello! I'm Superintendent Ryan Walters the head of PUBLIC education in Oklahoma, yet at every turn, I'm advocating for public schools to indoctrinate students, staff and teachers in my personal beliefs! I've rapidly become a rising star in conservative politics.


Since taking office as State Superintendent in January 2023, I've booked appearances on Fox News to talk about the “woke ideology” in public schools and testified before Congress in support of Republican lawmakers’ efforts to investigate educational programs funded by the Chinese government. I'm also a frequent guest on right-wing podcasts and talk shows. 

I frequently post selfie videos from my car denouncing “woke ideology” and accuses teachers  of pushing a radical agenda based on atheism, racial justice and gender identity. I also believe that Oklahoma’s teachers union is a terrorist organization and the separation of church and state is a liberal myth.

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