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Ryan Walters

Specializing in Corruption, Fraud, And Abuse of the Oklahoma School System.

Alexa Young

Former Student

"When I was a student in Mr. Walters history class he taught me how perfect the world has been thanks to God who he talks to all the time and that black people are overreacting because there's no such thing as racism."

Katie Walters 

Ryan's Wife

"He's very close with his extremely good looking male friends. I never have to worry about his wandering eye around other women because his best friend, Todd, assured me that they turn off their phones and just hang out and wrestle together in the basement getting "sweaty and stinky!" LOL They are SO funny."

Ryan's Parents

"Ryan is our least favorite child...Ryan is an only child."


"Keep my name out ya fuckin mouth, Ryan!"

Starting February 2024 this new website,, will be calling out the destruction that Ryan Walters is causing to the Oklahoma School System.​


As I accomplished with my website campaign against Moms For Liberty as well as calling out politicians in Tennessee, this campaign will include billboards, local ads, digital ads, and much more. Voting out those who support him this coming November is a start.

Please consider helping below and keeping this website going.. For those who need more information about my websites against fascists, head over to my Instagram: WORDCLOWN or HERE for my LinkTree. 

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